How can Super Noggin™ decrease the risk of Alzheimer's??

"...I know that Alzheimer's disease can be prevented for most people and delayed in those who are genetically predisposed." Vincent Fortanasce, M.D., in The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription. Parts of this book are required reading for Certified Super Noggin instructors.

Strengthen your memory!

Although there is currently no cure for Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's prevention is getting a lot of attention. Long-term studies indicate that it may be delayed or even prevented by staying mentally and physically healthy. Super Noggin teaches participants everything they need to know to be proactive about their brain health...and then leads them through the steps to actually do it.

Since two thirds of how well we age is the result of lifestyle choices (only one third is controlled by genes), we have a measure of control over our own health.  Additionally, we now know that we can grow new neurons – brain cells – throughout life, a recent discovery that refutes the notion that we only lose brain cells as we age.

So take advantage of the latest scientific knowledge by signing up for Super Noggin and get started on the road to brain training.  The more you use it, the less likely you are to lose it!  This is the essence of the theory of cognitive reserve, one explanation for the fact that it is possible for some mentally active people to show no signs of dementia but have the same plaques and tangles in their brains as people with full blown Alzheimer's Disease.
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