How do I become a provider?

"We received 20 phone calls in the first two hours after the local paper came out with an article about our offering Super Noggin." Sherri N., Director, Senior Activity and Wellness Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas

"The training was very interesting, one of the best I've ever attended. I feel like I've taken something away with me for life." Eva H., Big Flat, Arkansas

Begin the brain-changing experience!

Providers can be any organization that wants to offer a comprehensive brain fitness program to their community:

  • Community Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness locations
  • Retirement communities
  • Corporations
  • Physicians
  • YMCAs and JCCs

Providers purchase a year-long site license for $750. This license grants permission to offer the Super Noggin program for an unlimited number of times to an unlimited number of people at your specified site (a physical location) for one year. After the first year, the renewal fee is $200 per year.

The site license includes:

  • 13 scripted workshops covering all we know about a healthy-brain lifestyle and preventing Alzheimer's disease
  • Instructor's Training Manual
  • Attractive, illustrative power point slides to enhance workshop presentations
  • References and resources
  • Access to order the Super Noggin Notebook. This workbook is each individual participant's year-long guide to daily brain-healthy habits, with charts to track progress. Order as many as you need at $10 per copy plus flat-rate shipping.
  • The Conductorcise program (a $1300 value if ordered separately)
  • Marketing materials to assist in promoting participation in your Super Noggin program
  • Fun brain-challenging activities to enjoy in a group setting
  • Suggested educational videos to show your participants
  • Laugh Out Loud Manual

Super Noggin is led by staff or volunteers of the sponsoring organization.  We offer an optional 2-day staff training for up to 10 people at your location for an additional $700 plus travel expenses for the Master Trainer (airfare or mileage, hotel, and $30 per diem). Additional trainees are welcome to attend for a $25 materials-fee per person. We provide an Instructor's Manual with the site license, but the in-person training is highly recommended.  We can provide contact information for some of our Certified Super Noggin Instructors who can verify the value of the in-person training.

Instructors who take the 2-day training become Certified Super Noggin Instructors (certificate provided at the end of the training). Certified Super Noggin Instructors of the provider organization receive

  • everything included in the site license (listed above) PLUS
  • a password granting unlimited online access to our exclusive materials and resources
  • on-call support from Super Noggin by phone or email. We are proud of our tradition of support for our Certified Instructors!
  • Brain Rules DVD

For additional information on training or to request a copy of our Provider's Guide with more complete information, email

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