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"An individual came up to me today… Said he had early onset dementia…. I had observed him moving, closing his eyes, conducting away… thoroughly in the program. He said he had not moved like that in years. He said, 'I could feel the wires connecting.' Just so rewarding." Maestro David Dworkin, inventor of Conductorcise.  

Super Noggin is proud to join forces with other outstanding providers of brain-healthy materials.  We have incorporated the following programs into the range of activities offered in the Super Noggin package:

A SOUND workout for mind, body, and soul. This innovative combination of classical music and aerobic exercise will lift your spirits and keep you fit. Super Noggin participants LOVE Conductorcise!

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Laughter Yoga
Meg Scott, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, was our first partner. She trained our staff to become Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders, teaching us about the many health benefits of laughing, which we incorporated into the Super Noggin brain fitness program. She authored the Laugh Out Loud© manual for our Certified Super Noggin Instructors and served as a consultant in the development of our class on "Laughter and the Mind-Body Connection."

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