ICAA Wellness Model


Super Noggin is compatible with the ICAA Wellness Model. The International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) is a professional membership association that focuses exclusively on the health and wellness of adults 50 years and older. Association members include people working with senior housing and retirement communities, recreation, academia, government agencies, and fitness and rehabilitation centers.

The concept of active aging can be summed up in the phrase “engaged in life.” Active aging describes individuals who live life as fully as possible within the seven dimensions of wellness (emotional, environmental, vocational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social). Regardless of socioeconomic status or health conditions, older individuals can live useful, active and productive lives.

At ICAA, “wellness” is an umbrella term for the environment and the programs that support the active-aging lifestyle. ICAA works within the seven-dimension model of wellness because it is frequently used and embodies the concept of active aging.

ICAA supports the wellness dimensions and believes it is impossible to categorize them as separate entities. People playing cards in a bridge club are engaged within intellectual, social and emotional dimensions, while those in the quilting club add vocational and spiritual dimensions to those three. Individuals exercising in a group class are involved in physical, intellectual and social dimensions—and perhaps vocational if they are peer instructors—as well as emotional if they feel better after exercise.

Within the model of wellness dimensions, active aging can be incorporated in multiple ways.

ICAA Wellness Dimensions

Dimension: Emotional
Describes...managing and directing feelings; coping with challenges and behaving in trustworthy and respectful ways
Examples...peer counseling, stress management, humor/laughter, personal histories

Dimension: Intellectual, cognitive
Describes...engaging in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities; problem solving and reasoning
Examples...classes with a cognitive component, cultural activities, arts and crafts, journaling, games/puzzles, reading

Dimension: Physical
Describes…choosing lifestyle habits that maintain or improve health and functional ability
Examples…exercise, nutrition, sports, sleep, self-care, alcohol/drugs and tobacco cessation, medical self-care

Dimension: Professional, vocational
Describes…maintaining or improving skills, abilities and attitudes that help oneself or others stay productive and satisfied with the work they produce
Examples…paid work, volunteer work, skills classes, mentoring, tutoring, hobbies, caregiving

Dimension: Social
Describes…interacting with others for mutual benefit, awareness of the larger community and participation within it
Examples…clubs, volunteering, dancing, visiting friends and family, group and intergenerational activities, travel

Dimension: Spiritual
Describes…living with a meaning/purpose in life; exploring beliefs and values that create personal peace and understanding
Examples…group and/or individual faith-based activities, personal meditation/reflection, mindful exercise (yoga, tai chi), experiencing nature

Dimension: Environmental
Describes…ways to use the environment for wellness, as well as eco-friendly products, services, processes and designs - which contribute to a healthier world.
meditation gardens, walking paths, city and community design.

Based on input provided by the ICAA Successful Programs Work Group


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